Kathryn was left at a shelter with a nasty bladder infection and urine leaking all over – no doubt the reason she was no longer wanted. Her lovely temperament, however, endeared her to the shelter staff and then to her ODH family. With a lot of vet care including ultrasound and specialist consultation, and a lot of effort from her family, most of the problem is under control and we continue to work on it. She quickly became an adored member of the family, with her very favorite activity being camping trips. Sweet Kathryn enjoys sleeping out with her young human “sibling”, being tucked into her bed. But she LOVES swimming, those labrador genes coming to the forefront! Can you title this anything other than “happy dog”?








Update:  Dear Kathryn and her ODH family fought her many medical issues for more than two years.    Finally she couldn’t hold them off any longer and cancer overtook her as well.    She was much loved and gave so much back to her family.