Katja, likely a chow-lab mix, came into the shelter at age 15 with an eye that had been bitten badly and left untreated for months. ODH was asked to take her into a temporary foster home and our vet removed the damaged eye – she felt far better. Katja bounced right back after the surgery, began treatment for her arthritis, and moved into her Final Refuge home where she began enjoying her new life in a safe and loving home. Treats and naps are a big favorite of this sweet girl.

At age 17 now, dear Katja has recently been experiencing vision loss in her other eye, but with predictable and safe surroundings, good veterinary care, and the love and patient support of her mom, she still enjoys her daily walk to the park!

Update:  After close to three years with her loving Final Refuge family, and well over 17 years old, Katja’s dear body was just worn out and the very difficult decision was made by her “Mom” to send Katja on.  She had a lovely last chapter and was very much loved.