Kizzie came into the shelter as a wreck. This adorable little shih tzu was a matted mess, with one eyelid held open permanently by one of the mats – that eye was already blind from untreated “dry eye” but the pain from not having a lid to protect the eyeball must have been horrible. In addition, she wasn’t using one of her VERY deformed front legs. The owner was found but didn’t want her; ODH did want her! We discovered that her lameness was due to another nasty mat on the ankle which had pulled her very long dewclaw out of its attachment with a resulting abscess. Grooming helped immediately, and we treated the infected dewclaw/digit which convinced Kizzie that we could be trusted to touch her leg – suddenly she could walk on it! Since her legs are so crooked she’ll never move normally or very easily, but she was comfortable. Next the damaged eye was removed and Kizzie was on her way to good health. She lives happily with Reggie the lhasa apso whose legs are even more crooked that hers – they are quite the pair! Life is good now, she is valued and much loved – and spoiled just a little, as a shih tzu princess should be.

The Princess Kizzie Louise just passed her 4 year anniversary with ODH.  She’s now completely blind and moves a little slower, In her tenure as Princess and center of the universe, she has seen 5 other Final Refuge dogs  come and go, Reggie Garth Brooks, Marcia Jean, Maxiine Claire, Bridget Rose, and Reuben James. The newest addition to her kingdom is a little sweetie named Dorothy Fay (Dot.)  Through it all the Princess Kizzie remains the diva in charge.

Update:  This dear girl came to ODH in 2014!  She was at least 17 when her health suddenly failed and her loving Final Refuge mom had to say good-bye.  Little Kizzie was rightly treated as a Princess during her wonderfully long time with us.  We are sure she forgot about all she went through before and only remembered how loved and cherished she was.