Koda had been with her elderly humans for all her 14 years; when they couldn’t care for her any longer their daughter took her but clearly didn’t want or like her. Koda had a roaring bladder infection and no doubt was having accidents, so she landed at a shelter bearing the emotional imprint of what was evidently very rough treatment. She struggled to adjust to her first ODH home, and then tried to handle yet another move. All this was asking a lot of a little old lady whose world had caved in; she was very defensive and quick to object to most handling. With treatment for her bladder infection and her arthritic knees and spine, she felt a lot better and enjoyed trotting around the property. She sometimes took comfort in sitting in her ODH dad’s lap, but mostly she hung back and just watched. When dementia reared its ugly head and her tendency to strike out increased, we sent her on to a much more peaceful rest.

We loved her and we believe she knew that.