“Oh hey my name is Kona and I put the Sass in Frass! Yes that is right I am a girl with opinions, ideas and I like to wear the pants! I live with other dogs and cats in my foster home and I enjoy telling them what to do, they don’t seem to mind, although I don’t know how much they actually listen to me! I like toys and especially like giving them an aggressive shake and then tossing them aside. I like food…boy do I like food. I keep track of all meal times and snack times and will begin letting you know when it is getting close so that you can be ready.

“My back legs are not what they used to be. I do ok getting around the house as long as there is carpet or rugs, but it can be hard for me on slick floors. I need some help using the bathroom, it is hard for me to admit this because I am one proud lady, but I will need someone to help me express my bladder. That may sound scary and hard but it is so easy and you can do it lickety split! As long as you get me on a schedule I will be accident free in the home! I think I would do very well if someone could adopt me and get me into physical therapy, I think I may even get some better function of my legs! For now I am really enjoying walks in a stroller.

“I have silly ears that pop up when I am being feisty, this makes me look like a frenchie dog..and my foster mom really gets a kick out of it! I may not be the cuddliest of girls but I do like to hang out on your lap and watch TV, at least for short intervals…there is always something going on I have to jump up and referee! I will bring lots of fun into your life and I am hoping my perfect match is out there!”

Kona is in Portland,Oregon with Pacific Pug Rescue. If you are interested or have questions please email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.