9 year old Kona is said to be 50% German Shorthair Pointer and 50% French Mastiff. Isn’t she cute? She is a very interesting breed mix.  Her owner estimates her weight to be about 65 pounds.

At this time Kona lives with a small dog. We are told she is curious about new dogs at first but then would rather be left alone. She’s happiest with dogs who aren’t in her face (such as puppies or super active dogs). Kona is not good with cats. She has been fine with kids as long as they are respectful of her and know not to climb on and pull upon her.

Kona enjoys walks but must be kept on leash to do so as she has been known to bolt if given the opportunity. This means she needs someone strong enough to handle her on leash and a secure, fenced yard. Kona can manage stairs at this time. She is also able to stay alone in her home while her person is away when needed. Kona reportedly loves her crate and she is crate trained. We are told she can manage quite a while before having a potty break.  Kona barks to alert and she knows some basic commands.

Kona has made a veterinary appointment scheduled for her and with that, she will be up to date on vaccines and will receive an exam. Her owner will share vetting information with potential adopters. However, Kona needs a home very soon! The hope is she will find an adopter before that vet appointment and her adopter will take her in. She is showing no signs of illness at this time, regular vetting for seniors is something we always, highly recommend.

Kona has been prone to ear infections and skin issues if she’s not kept on a regular diet.

Sweet Kona loves people and is looking for a home with space to chill. Her person says “she usually loves to just lounge around but she will occasionally bring out her spunky personality”.

Kona is located in Bremerton, WA. For contact information please email: referrrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.