“Hi there! I’m Kovu. I am a 70 pound boy. My family calls me a border collie mix. I am 12 years old which means I am a senior dog. I have lived with other dogs and cats. I do well with both. I don’t always appreciate when another dog tries to take my ball away during a game of fetch though. It’d be nice to find a new home with other animals that are close to my age. Kids can be nice to have around, they are good for petting and throwing the ball for me, if they are old enough to be gentle and kind. Attention and cuddles are awesome!


“While I do show some signs of my age, I still enjoy daily activity. It is beneficial to keep moving, after all! A good walk or hike everyday is fun. I have been known to pull a bit while on leash so it’s good to use one of those halters on me that prevent pulling. I can manage stairs now but they may become harder as I age.

“My people will tell you I have some arthritis and a bit of a limp on one of my legs from an old injury. It’s been a bit since I saw a vet. I’m behind on my vaccines and could really use a full senior exam because I’ve never had one! With a vet visit, you will get a good picture of my overall health and we can start from there. I am hoping my new people will give me something for my arthritis and joint health. That could make moving even better!

“When you leave the house, I’m good to stay inside and I behave myself. Of course once I move, I’ll need time to learn that you are returning. I have been with my current family since I was a pup, so please consider that and give me time to adapt and adjust. Since I am used to having other animals for company, I hope my new home will have at least one friendly but mellow canine friend to wait for our humans’ return. At night I’ll lay on my dog bed or my open crate.

“I can be goofy sometimes, it makes my people giggle. I will bark to let you know someone is coming. This is part of my job as a dog, after all! But if you tell me to go and lie down, I will stop and listen to you. Another part of my job is to be a loyal and loving friend. I have been that to my family and they are heartbroken to part with me but I know sad life changes force it. I will miss them but believe there’s got to be another family who will appreciate and love me as much!”

Kovu is located in Stanwood, WA. For contact information please email: referrrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Kovu is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 


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