“Hi there! We’re Kunu & Tug, and we come as a pair! We are super sweet, house-trained, and love to go on long walks. We’re seniors, but don’t doubt us, we are mobile and love our exercise.

“Tug here! I’m the tan and black, whippet/shepherd mix gentleman. I’m a nice medium size, weighing in around 35 pounds. They say I’ve reached the grand age of 18, but I get around easily and with eagerness. I also love to cuddle. I don’t mind my crate either, as long as a treat goes in it with me.

“Kunu here! I’m a 9 year old, black (and a little silver), beagle/lab mix boy. At 55 pounds, I’m the larger of the pair. My favorite activities are playfully chasing cats and squirrels, and fetching the tennis ball. I also enjoy tug-of-war, and like to romp around with a toy in my mouth! Oh, and I am totally a ball of love – I’ll lean into you for pets and scratches.

“Our foster sister plays violin and we love it! We will leave whatever room we’re in to come listen to the music and then immediately fall asleep to it. It relaxes us!

“We are friendly with other dogs, and get along with older kids (babies are too unpredictable for us). We love our people so much that we don’t really like being left alone by ourselves. So if you’re around most of the day that would be awesome – we’ll keep you company! And even though we are both pretty spry now, we need a guardian that is prepared for the evolving needs of senior dogs.

“We are a gentle, very special pair, and we deserve the most loving family to care for us in our golden years. We can’t wait to meet you!”

Tug and Kunu are posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter (animal ID #39130722 and 39130724). If you are interested in meeting them, please fill out a Dog Adoption Application, available at www.seattle.gov/animal-shelter/find-an-animal/adopt/applications and email it to adoptionreview@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you may fill out or drop off the application at the Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W (1 mile south of the Ballard Bridge, at the corner of W. Armory Way). The shelter is open five days a week (Wednesday – Sunday), from 1 pm – 6 pm.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.