Lacy came into the shelter with a long licensing history (the same owners) but phone numbers/address got no response.   She was a horrible mess with skin and eyes badly neglected but she was even more an emotional mess.   The poor dog just SHRIEKED when she wanted something or was frustrated or worried or….  and she got frustrated very easily. I’ve never heard a noise like that from a 13# dog, ever, and it was hard to distract her enough to shut it down.

Eventually she took comfort from the other dogs; the second photo here shows her (note the spotted back end) plopped on top of 3 others on a bed.    She loved to be stroked and to join the group on the humans’ bed (it’s crowded).

Within too short a time, however, that tenuous calm in her psyche faded and she became so frustrated that she bullied the other dogs relentlessly.   The happy contentment in her mind was gone and it was time for us to say goodbye.    We know she’d been loved and undoubtedly spoiled all her life and we are sorry that she couldn’t have kept that life to the end – we grieve for her now, and am glad she at least had some time with us and didn’t end in the shelter.  Rest in peace, Lacy.

Lacy with friends