Lancelot came into our family with many issues unknown to us at the time. He was a 3.5 pound ball of white fluff, with a personality even bigger than his name. He was inquisitive from the start, motoring around better than you would have thought given his 3 deformed legs. Sometimes he tried to lift his leg to go, and would just fall over poor guy. He would lay there for a bit and then try again before resigning himself to go like a girl pup which always made us smile. On 12/24 we received the devastating news that Lancelot had at best 4-6 months to live. Lancelot was our Christmas gift. He taught us many lessons, including determination. He was determined to be mobile. It might take him a while, but he got where he wanted to eventually. Meal times were also a bit of a challenge, but we got him up from a low of 3.3# to over 4.5#s. It’s hard for a guy with a super long tongue and only 2 teeth, and more drool than a St. Bernard, but we finally got a routine down adding a bit of honey to sweeten things up. Lancelot was not the best patient for acupuncture, but with a small towel draped over his head to keep him from biting, he made it through Dr. Lena’s treatments and Jen’s energy work. The three of us tried to decide if there was any Chihuahua in him and decided he was perhaps a gerbil or a guinea pig (once he put on some weight). Judith asked are we now OGH? Lancelot liked to have his own space, but when in the car his favorite place was on my shoulder – he liked to see. (Only at stop signs and red lights of course). We threw caution to the wind on the drive to the vet that last day and I let him ride where he was most happy. Saying good bye was the hardest but kindest thing I could do for Lancelot in the end. He passed away July 8, 2014.