Layla was partially paralyzed in her back legs when she came into the shelter. ODH was asked to take her but our pre-intake lab work showed that she also was in early stages of kidney disease. A tough assignment for a Final Refuge home! Layla was incredibly lucky to find a Corgi family that had already been through a dog with degenerative myelopathy (DM) – it is very common in the Welsh Corgi breed, sadly, and progresses quite quickly with no real treatment possible. Layla has become more paralyzed and is now using a wheelchair cart (donated by Corgi Aid), but is doing quite well thanks to acupuncture treatments and devoted care by her ODH family and veterinarian. Her kidney disease is also progressing but kept in check by diet and medication. Layla has already had more happy months than we expected and we have hopes for even more – she’s a charming dog who takes it all in stride and loves her family right back. Layla fought the good fight against DM and kidney disease, living nearly a year with both challenges thanks to the efforts of her ODH family and her wonderful veterinarian. Her kidneys failed suddenly and her distress was too great, so she was sent on her way with much love. One tough little dog, who so deserved this “extra” year of Happy Ending with those who cared about her. Layla passed away January 10 2015.