“Howdy! My name’s Leo. I’m a maltese who is only 8 years old. Why am I here? Because I need to find a new home. I’ve lived with my current people almost my entire life but things have changed drastically since they started bringing little humans home! Not to say I’ve been “bad” with the little ones, just that they are not my cup of tea. So I’m looking for a quiet,  adult-only home. I do live with another dog and he’s meh, O.K. I guess. I don’t really need another dog to be buddies with, I’m all about people! I can’t tell you how I’d behave in a home with a cat as I’ve never lived with one.

Since the littles have arrived one of my  humans has stayed at home and it’s been nice to have her around full time but I can stay home alone if needed. I can “hold it” quite a few hours before I need a potty break. I don’t expect a lot of exercise but when you take me for a walk I am polite and well-behaved. I do have some stiffness in my joints so a lot of stairs aren’t easy for me but heck, I only weigh about 12 pounds so I can be carried if you are willing. I take daily supplements for my liver and joints to keep me healthy.

I’m a champion tail-wagger. I’m super friendly and I’ll keep your lap warm. I can help you out by letting you know someone is at the door –yes, that means I bark so if you live somewhere where a barking dog is a problem, I’m not the right dog for you!

If you are looking for a forever friend, I’m your boy. I’m ready and waiting in Issaquah, WA for my new people.”

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.