Leo is a bichon frise, 17 pounds and likely only 7 years old (per his microchip). What a surprise to OLD Dog Haven! His owner of the past 3 years turned him into a shelter as 13 years old, perhaps as an excuse for his neglected condition. He was covered in fleas and very itchy, but otherwise in excellent health. He’s had a dental and complete labwork, is still taking anti-itch medication but doesn’t show signs of chronic problems; fleas were likely the culprit so hopefully his skin will be healthy. He is active and loves to play, walk and run hard outside. He likes to play inside also but has very good house manners. His last owner reported that he’d lived with dogs, cats and kids but in his ODH home he’s shown interest in chasing kitties outside so a dog-savvy cat would be needed. Leo gets along well with other dogs; he’s nonaggressive and very tolerant.

This little guy is very very sweet, funny, smart, obedient and easy to have in your home. Leo likes to be next to his person (and sleep on the bed) but isn’t too clingy. He loves everyone he meets!

We know that Leo has had at least 2 homes plus a shelter stay. He stays without humans for several hours with his dog buddy, but we’d like him to have someone to connect with and someone who will spend a good deal of time with him. He needs another dog for company and needs regular exercise or play time.

If this great little fellow sounds like the right dog for you, please contact office@olddoghaven.org.