Leroy and Lilly are a bonded pair that have spent their lives together and truly enjoy each other’s company.   They would love to find their new forever home as a pair, as they play very well together, keeping themselves young at heart!

Leroy is an 80-pound, 8-year-old Malamute-Lab mix. Leroy is a handsome goofy boy with a huge personality. He has the sweetest smile and just loves to hang out with his people. He is great on a leash, loves being brushed and has never marked in the house. He enjoys car rides and adventures.

Leroy is great with other dogs when properly introduced and loves being outside and going for walks.  Leroy was raised in a home with small children, therefore he quite enjoys the company of dog-savvy children of any age.

Lilly is a 50-pound chocolate Lab mix (perhaps with some Husky, Viszla, or Weimaraner).   She is also around 8 years old,  a sweet and clever girl who is very well spoken. She rides like a dream in the car and enjoys long walks in the forest or on the beach. Lilly loves to chase tennis balls but is still working on the whole concept of fetch. She is also comfortable around dog-savvy children.  She enjoys the company of other dogs and is somewhat dominant but respectful of doggy body language.

Both dogs still enjoy chasing other dogs (each other), a ball, and a Frisbee out in the yard.  Both love to say hello to anyone they may meet while out strolling.  Neither dog has shown any signs of separation anxiety issues and are both happy to chill out at home while you are at work.  Their greatest weaknesses are kitties and exploring, so they need a securely fenced yard and a home without cats.

This handsome pair are posted for Lucky Paws Rescue and are fostered in Olympia, WA.

ODH has not met these dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.