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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

At 15 years of age, LEROY BROWN found himself in a shelter with several medical issues.

His most visible issue was his skin: there were massive numbers of fleas, hair loss, “hot spots”, and large yellow crusts.  His constant scratching caused bleeding and scabs.

But there was also a bump below the left eye indicative of an upper tooth abscess, with pus everywhere in his mouth as well as streaming out of his nose – all this causing him to cough, sneeze, and sputter constantly.  All his canine teeth were loose and all the other teeth were completely obscured by large crusts of tartar – touching any of them causing enough pain for him to snap.

A loud moist cough goes on most notably at night, along with the snorting, sneezing, and sputtering that goes with everything flowing out of his nose.  In addition, both eyes had a greenish discharge.

LEROY was a pretty big mess, but luckily he did EAT – always a big plus when there are so many medical issues to address.  But refusing to drink water caused him to easily become dehydrated – and he managed to find the energy to attack when given SQ fluids – so his canned food became “soup”  to increase his water intake, but which also went up into his sinuses and came out his nose causing even more coughing, snorting and sneezing.

When he arrived at the vet for an assessment, he lay semi-comatose on his side on the exam table.  We discussed if euthanasia was perhaps the kindest option – BUT he EATS and he does perk up for a short bit after getting SQ fluids!!!  Therefore it was decided to get some baseline information before making a final decision (in-house blood chemistries and X-rays of his chest) and all were NORMAL – he does not even have kidney disease as expected in a 15 year old dog with all that bacteria and pus in his mouth.

So we forged ahead with multiple antibiotics and pain medications for his mouth, fatty acids, allergy medication and RX shampoo for his skin, and antibiotic ointment and lubricating gel for his eyes.

Because he has heart murmur, an appointment was made with the Cardiologist to make sure he was a candidate for oral surgery – and his heart is in great shape for his age.  Now we wait for his appointment with the doggie dentist to see what can be done to sort out his mouth.

In the meantime, the medications have worked their magic:  The coughing and sneezing have diminished, and pus is no longer visible in his mouth or streaming out his nostrils.  His eyes are bright, he goes for 30 minute walks, and he loves to run around the yard and roll and roll and roll on the grass.  Already an amazing transformation for this lovely boy.

LEROY BROWN is sponsored by:

  • Angela Roach of Sherwood, OR