This adorable little girl, who is probably poodle with maybe something else mixed in?, is only 4 pounds but in her mind is a BIG BIG DOG. She pretty much rules the roost in her ODH home, her much bigger canine sibling accepts that she is in charge. Lil Lady is a determined guardian of the property, a lively playmate, and an extremely cuddly little girl when all the activity is done. She came to ODH with terrible skin and teeth (as so often is the case with our dogs), and had some serious struggles in the first few months. Now her health seems to be much more stable, her coat and skin is mostly back to normal, and we hope there is clear sailing ahead. She is very much adored by her ODH family – and she knows it.

Update:  Lil Lady made it through a front-leg amputation due to elbow dislocation, had a few more months of being cuddled and comfortable, and then couldn’t go on any longer. She’d struggled enough and was sent on with a great deal of love.