Little Bear was left by his owners at the shelter with a tumor that had been there for years as well as a significant heart murmur. He joined his Final Refuge home and immediately had the tumor removed. It took him a couple of months to stop looking for his people but then he decided that he was truly home. He’s a very polite dog, an old soul who is laid back, peaceful and calm. He learned to ring bells when he wanted to go out, and then taught one of the other dogs! I took months for him to accept a treat, but now he loves to play-bow and dance in circles, and to have his belly rubbed. This little guy has struggled with arthritis in his hops and spine, more benign tumors, and worsening heart disease. Regardless, he can wal faster than the big dogs and will run like the wind to his front gate after walks. His Final Refuge mom says that she can’t imagine not having Bear in their lives – he is definitely loved. Nearing 4 years in his Final Refuge home, Bear’s heart finally couldn’t go on any longer. His foster mom said this awesome, well-behaved little dog was a special part of the family and will be very much missed.