Lizzy, a lab/boxer mix came to her Final Refuge home at age 14 from a shelter, after having the same family for 10 years and then becoming a “stray.” Old Dog Haven took her in:   nearly deaf, with recurring bladder infections and the possibility of kidney failure. With a lot of medication, a prescription diet and supplements, her kidney levels are stable for now. She came from the shelter depressed, scared, and seeming to have been handled roughly in her old life. Plenty of gentle affection and kind reassurance has brought her to trust her foster mom, reawakening her sweet, funny, gentle spirit. She has learned several hand signals, and is always ready to show off for yummy treats. Lizzy has a doggie foster sister and brother, whom she follows around and watches; they’re her “ears” for dinner, treat, and play time.

Her favorite things to do besides napping – popular among senior pups – are going for walks, romping with other dogs at the dog park, laying on the deck in the sun, and hanging out in her foster mom’s home office while mom works.

Update:  Lizzy spent a year with her ODH family before dementia overtook her and the anxiety and confusion became too much. She had found much joy in that year, gained a great deal of confidence, and given a great deal of love in return. She will be missed.