Logan was left by his owner at the shelter,13 years old and extremely obese at 32 pounds. He had serious arthritis that really limited his liability, flea dirt, and a big lick granuloma on his leg from frustration licking. Just a fat, sore old terrier mix who didn’t appeal to adopters of course. He did appeal to his ODH mom, however, and fit right into her little group of old dogs.

With lots of effort on her part to control his diet and give him regular exercise which he worked hard at, Logan lost 5 pounds in 3 months and 11 pounds in 6 months! He had a dental cleaning and discovered that he likes toys – running like the wind to play fetch, a barrel full of fun who loves everyone he meets.

What an amazing transformation: a happy healthy fit dog who knows he’s adored and is as thrilled to be in his final home as his ODH mom is to have him. Just look at the smile on his face!

Update:  Logan had a very wonderful time with his foster mom – he found a new life with lots of love and care.  It was with much sadness that his mom had to let him go.  Logan will be remembered by so many as a very special boy with a smile that warmed the hearts of all who knew him.