In his 2+ years with his ODH home, Logan changed from a ratty-looking guy with a hairless little pig tail to a gorgeous big dog with a lovely coat and a very thick tail up over his back. He changed from a dog so worried that he wouldn’t look at your face to a loving, funny easy-going big fellow who was great to hug.

He was Judith’s ride-along buddy, guarding the van and the little dogs very ferociously – a tough guy face and rottweiler machismo with a much-too-high-pitched bark. A neuropathy slowly took away the strength in his hind legs. When he lost control of the front feet too the neurologist guessed there was a tumor in his spinal cord, and Logan knew he had become helpless. We watched the look on his face and said goodbye.

He was much loved and is much missed.

Logan rottx 1015-WR