Lois came to a shelter after being left in an abandoned apartment for 2 weeks. She was a neglected mess – skin, eyes, nails – but evidently she was left with a LOT of food. She was hugely obese. Known at our vet clinic as the baby harbor seal, she was 21# and just jiggly fat. Over time we got her down to 14# (1/3 her weight gone!) but she still looked jiggly and round despite eating almost nothing. Liposuction might have helped? Unfortunately, she had also come to us with bladder stones (which we removed immediately, but required a fattening prescription diet forever after) and with an attitude of “don’t tell ME what to do”. She loved being stroked and sitting next to her ODH mom, but hated the other dogs and hated being picked up. She loved going for brisk walks, but her squished face made that tough in warm weather and she’d just lie down and refuse to move. She hated being groomed but was very tolerant of eye drops – which was good since she had two nasty corneal ulcers requiring round-the-clock treatment to save the eye. Lois came through so many things, and her ODH mom really loved her despite all the attitude. Rest in peace, LoLo.

Lois 3