Lola is a lucky girl! After having to live in a crate in a garage for 5 years, a family friend took her in  temporarily to help find Lola the home she needs. Time in this temporary home has shown how this girl can really shine!

Lola just turned 8 years old on August 1, 2023, a “new” senior! This pretty girl is an American bulldog mix. She weighs 50 pounds. Lola was recently spayed. Her caregiver has done a wonderful job getting her ready for adoption. Lola is currently living with 2 other dogs and doing very well. It is unknown how she is with cats. She has proven herself to be great with children. Because she’s a senior girl, we’d suggest a home for Lola where the kids are old enough to be gentle and respectful of her. Some dogs will put up with a lot but that doesn’t mean they enjoy it!

Lola thoroughly enjoys time around people. She is eager to please people. Lola has been great during family gatherings. Everyone who meets Lola falls in love with her! Lola loves to put her head in people’s laps. She just soaks up the love. Look at those sweet brown eyes…

Lola’s ideal home would be with someone who is active. Her caregiver repeated a couple of times that she could be a runner’s dog. She does very well on leash. Lola is very active and playful. She is making up for those years in the crate! This girl is very smart and learned on day one in her caregiver’s home how to get out 2 dog doors, go through a kitchen and garage to get out to the fenced yard. Lola can do stairs at this time.

We are told that Lola has been fine to stay home inside the house when her caregiver leaves. She can manage quite a while between potty breaks. There is a dog door in her current home so that makes a big difference. It’d be really nice if Lola’s adoptive home had a dog door for her to get out to her fenced yard as needed.

In her caregiver’s home she enjoys sleeping on a dog bed in the bedroom. She has gone into her crate at night.Her crate may still feel secure to her, but one wouldn’t want Lola to ever have to stay long hours in one ever again.

Are you looking for a devoted, active, and loving companion? We think that Lola checks all of the boxes!

Lola is located in Tacoma, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Lola is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.