Lola and Pinta are a bonded pair of chihuahua mixes. 11 year old Lola is Pinta’s mother; she weighs about 7 pounds. Pinta is 10 years old, she weighs about 9 pounds.

These girls haven’t spent much time around a lot of other dogs. When they do, Lola can get very excited and seems unsure how to respond to them. Pinta doesn’t pay any attention to new dogs; she seems not to care about them. Neither have lived with a cat. Currently they live in a home with small children and it’s not really a good match for them. Lola especially is concerned about the intentions of a 3 year old. This is understandable as young children can be unpredictable.

The pair spend their days cuddled up together, wrapped in blankets or sometimes they go outside and hang out in their heated houses. At this time the girls don’t get out much for walks but they’d really love a home with someone who has the time to take them out every day! They really enjoy their walks and are well behaved on leash.

Up until recently the girls could manage up to 8 hours without a potty break. There seems to be a recent lapse for Pinta. The thought is that it could be because of the new human baby in the home. Their adopter should have both girls vetted upon adoption, ideally having a urinalysis for Pinta to be sure she doesn’t have a UTI. Dogs can get those, just like people can!

Lola takes her role as Mama dog very seriously whereas Pinta is more laid back and submissive. They are very sweet, affectionate dogs who love each other and their humans. It sounds as though they’ve tried their best to adapt to life changes but the hope is they can find a home  where they will receive the attention they deserve. They are a great pair who will surely bring joy and love to their new home.

Lola and Pinta are located in Portland, Oregon.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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