Lola is a mystery. In 2011 a shelter asked us to take a stray “cocker mix” who they thought was 14 years old and weighed 44 pounds, a big mound of blonde fluffy hair. It took 2 years to get most of the weight off her, and the hair came off along the way too. By the time spring 2014 came she was 24 pounds and looked like a terrier mix. After losing a couple more pounds we had a fun little girl who seems to be a wire-haired dachshund mix, maybe with a little cocker in her? or maybe not. And this enthusiastic girl can do 50-minute walks at a VERY rapid pace, pulling her ODH mom along as she chases after bikes and good smells. It seems very unlikely that she’s 17 years old! Whatever she is, Lola is a cuddler, absolutely a terrier at heart, and not ready to slow down at all. We’ll see what she turns into next. We’ll never know whether dear Lola was actually 18 when she came to the end of the road, or 14, or somewhere in between. She was lively and determined and very devoted to the very end – we’ll miss her energy and her affection and even her compulsion to sound the alert for anything suspicious. What a great little dog.

Lola passed November 4, 2015