PERMANENT ODH FOSTER HOME NEEDED:     Longhaired chihuahua, not yet spayed female, 7#.   This little one has a LOT of medical issues and will take both patience and care and a lot of vet visits.    Besides needing to be spayed when strong enough, she has two small mammary masses to be removed and one that seems more to be an infected cyst. Her ears are terrible and very painful now.   She came into the shelter with live fleas so some coat damage, one eye is likely blind with a large cataract (which probably means  daily drops).     Lots of surgery ahead and we never know whether there will be more mammary masses after she’s spayed.   Hopefully not!
She’s missing part of her lower jaw from untreated infection and will need a serious dental to save the rest of her mouth.    Dogs can indeed eat with that condition but it can be messy and require assistance.

Our volunteer at the shelter  reports that she is easy to handle and willing to sit with you though very reserved; gaining her trust may take some time.

This little creature will be a project for sure; she is so in need of a friend and medical help.   If you have room, time and patience we would love to  hear from you.

Help Longhaired Chihuahua Girl

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about Longhaired Chihuahua Girl, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.