PERMANENT ODH FOSTER HOME NEEDED:     Longhaired dachshund mix, spayed female, 25#, 15 years old.   This pretty girl lost her person and has been with family who cannot keep her – she is definitely an old lady but seems to have been well cared for.   She has a little bit of liver enzyme elevation and probably has arthritis.   She has lived with other dogs lifetime, has been living with cats recently, and tolerates kids. Though she’s housebroken, she has needed help getting used to a new schedule as she’s moved to a new environment recently – patience and routine will be needed.   This is such a common situation:   old dogs left behind when their person passes and then passed around a bit.    It’s hard on the dog but they often are amazingly adaptable if you give them a chance.

Help Longhaired Dachshund Mix Girl

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