“They say that everything in life changes and I’m here to tell you that is truth. My name is Lucie and I’m a 13 year old, 13 pound miniature poodle. My life changed because my dear person’s life changed forever. Now I need to find a new home. Right now I’m living at a kennel with other dogs. The lady who took me in was very nice to give me a roof over my head and take care of me but it’s not the same as living in a home. I get along with all the other dogs here. I don’t recall ever meeting a cat so I can’t tell you for sure how I’d do living with one but I’m such a good girl, I’d certainly try! I’ve been around nice kids and like their attention, as long as they’re over 6 years old.

I eat a special diet because I once had urinary stones. Let me tell you, that was uncomfortable! 7 years ago I had them surgically removed and so to never have that happen again, I need to stay on my special food. I also take a pill every day (Proin) that helps control urine leakage. Now I know that may sound bad to you but it happens quite often to us dogs as we age! I just want you to know all the facts about me before you consider giving me a home. I cannot hear like I used to but sometimes that can be a benefit!

I really love to go for walks and I don’t pull on the leash like some dogs do. I can manage stairs still but I do get a little achy sometimes-I think it must be arthritis? Right now I’m staying in an outdoor, covered kennel during the day and a garage at night so I can’t tell you how long I’d be able to hold it inside your house but I’d do my best. I’m pretty smart-I’m a poodle after all!- so I bet I could learn a dog door if I needed to.

I’d really love to find a new home soon. I used to sleep in the bed with my lady, so it’d be nice if I could find someone who’d want that again. But that’s not a deal breaker! I have so much love to give. I promise to be a faithful loyal companion, just give me the chance.”

Lucie is waiting for a forever home in Enumclaw, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.