Lucky Charm joined his foster family in August 2013. He came from the shelter with a mouthful of badly infected teeth and infested with demodex mites. We’re still working on the demodex which may be a long battle, but he feels much better after losing most of his teeth. Lucky loves everybody and everything and is super affectionate. He even wags and wiggles at the vet! But he doesn’t like cameras, as this shot demonstrates. Lucky Charm lives up to his name; he is completely charming. He’s been busy helping a new foster settle into their family after a stressful time in its life. His foster family loves him totally.

Update:  After almost 7 years, it was finally time to say good-bye to this very dear boy.  Lucky Charm was a joy for his Final Refuge mom for all those years and lived to be likely 17 or 18 years old – quite an achievement.  He will be greatly missed and was truly a special boy.