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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Lucy came in to Old Dog Haven care from a local shelter and is around 13 years old. She arrived with an injured jaw and was in dire need of a dental to remove her remaining three teeth. Once in her Final Refuge home she got the veterinary care she needed. Her ODH family tells us that now that her mouth is better and she’s on thyroid medication, her hair has grown in and she’s looking good: “With no teeth at all, her tongue hangs out, but it’s awfully cute!”

Lucky Lucy now lives with a cat and three small dogs. She cuddles with one and gets along just fine with the other two. One dog likes his ‘space’ and can be vocal if you push into it…but this smart girl figured him out right away! Lucy’s ODH person tells us that “Lucy is very confident and self-assured. She likes cuddling but is not pushy about it. She sleeps in the bed next to me and likes to cuddle in front of the television when she’s not sunbathing in the grass.” Like many dogs experiencing major life transitions, Lucy was initially a little picky with food but now she’s a very good eater. In fact, she can even get a little impatient if her meal doesn’t arrive fast enough! She gets a good head start before the other dogs – she has no teeth after all – so they can all finish at the same time.

Lucy also gets excited if she thinks her family is going for a walk. Initially her people put her in a carry pack, but she now walks along with the others just fine. Her person tells us, “She can be slow, but only because she needs to sniff lots of smells along the way! She is quite frisky and very happy. She is vocal if she wants to ‘go’ for a walk but if I tell her she has to ‘stay’, she sits and waits quietly till I return. Sometimes she’ll just take herself on a walk around the yard!” Wherever she goes, little Lucy is a big hit.  From the ODH Walk for Old Dogs to visits to the vet clinic, her person says, “The last vet who saw her said she would take her home in a minute and the vet tech says Lucy has a fan club at the clinic! Lucy has been an absolute delight and I am so glad I decided to foster for ODH. I look forward to living with Lucy for many years!”

Lucy (Chi mix) is sponsored by:

  • Rita Chan of Kirkland, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Amanda Palmer of Monroe WA In memory of my sweet, Peanut. My soulmate pup, my chihuahua girl, my perfect best friend.
  • Karen Lawson of Bainbridge Island, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Tina Perovich of Kent​,​ WA - Lifetime
  • Victor Nosce in memory of Klondike - Lifetime Sponsor