“Hello! My name is Lucy. I am a 10 year old boxer and beagle mix. I suppose you can say I’m a “medium” sized dog. I weigh about 40 pounds. I am hoping to find a home where I can be out and about with my family or another friendly dog during the day instead of having to spend long hours in a crate. My people recognize I am lonely and not living my best life and I agree!

“I do enjoy other dogs that are welcoming and want to play nice with me. So if you have a dog or 2 at home already, maybe they’d like a new buddy? While I have never lived with another dog, I am very social and I love meeting new dogs! I had a cat friend for 9 years and I miss him. I’d prefer a home with older kids that won’t pull on me or lay upon me, that’s just not kind!

“Getting out for walks is SO much fun! I am really hoping my new humans will have more time for me so that we can get out and I will pull on leash so my people use a harness to help with that. The beagle in me makes me want to follow my nose and explore. This means I should have a home with a securely fenced yard or a home where someone will commit to keeping me on leash for my own safety. I don’t want to become lost!

“When people have to leave the house I do best in my crate, it is my safe place but I’d like less time in it! I sleep in it at night too, maybe you can keep the door open and I’d learn to find a cozy spot outside the crate at night but at least then I’d have options? I can manage longer than most dogs can before needing a potty break-I am a very good girl but I’d rather not have to do that! I am getting older after all and it does become more difficult to do so when we age.

“If you need someone to let you know a package has arrived, you have a visitor or there was a loud noise outside, I can do that for you! I will bark at those things but aside from that, I don’t do much barking.

“Like a lot of dogs, I can get itchy. My people take me to the vet and I get a shot called cytopoint to help with that. My ears are pretty but because they flop down I am prone to ear infections. It’s very important to monitor a dog’s ear health. Ear infections can really hurt and do some damage!

“At this time I get a pill called trazadone for the anxious feeling I get sometimes. I can’t say for sure but I’m hoping more time outside the crate, with company and more exercise could help that. Of course I’ll need time to settle in once I move to my new home. I’ve been with the same family since I was 12 weeks old, it’s going to be a big change for me to leave. But I’m ready to find a new home where I can get out more, have more time with people and hopefully other animals.

“If you’re looking for a new family member and can commit to for-always, please consider me! I have so much love to offer.”

Lucy is located in Fife, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Lucy is not an Old Dog Haven dog. Old Dog Haven has not assessed this dog for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.