Luke and Yoda were dumped and found wandering in Grays Harbor. They were picked up and taken to a vet clinic for stray hold. No local shelter or rescue was able to accept the boys,  so a Seattle Beagle Rescue Volunteer went to get them. Both were both in poor physical condition. At 12 to 14 years old, these bonded brothers have not known love and good care until now.

It is believed that Luke and Yoda were likely confined to cages and then dumped to survive on their own. They needed vaccines, neutering, dentals, and for Yoda extensive work to fix his jaw. The vet mentioned that the jaw damage was part bad teeth, and part prolonged chewing on cage bars. Luke is about 33 pounds. He is the quiet and snuggly brother. Yoda is about 29 pounds. He has a sense of adventure and will escape your yard if left out unsupervised, unless you have a secure dig proof, climb proof fence. He will even climb the low branches of a tree.

Yoda has a high prey drive and is creative in his escape attempts. He clearly does not know he’s a senior. Luke and Yoda live in a foster home with other beagles and get along fine, but they do not like bigger dogs. Both are now house trained. Yoda does need to get outside more frequently, but he will use pee pads if you are away from home for an extended time. These guys are characters! They love to sleep in the sun or in a comfy bed. They also like to wander the yard and explore.

Luke and Yoda are posted for Seattle Beagle Rescue of Redmond, WA.
These boys deserve to live their remaining years in a home with soft beds, good food and lots of love. If that is you, please use the link to apply and a Seattle Beagle Rescue Adoption Counselor will call you.

These are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.