Luke is my name and I am an 11 year old doberman pinscher. I am currently underweight at only 47 pounds. My life as I knew it has changed since the kids I grew up with left the house. Now it’s just me and their parents and everyone is very busy. Too busy for me so I’m spending my days in the garage in a crate. I don’t like it much at all and it’s caused me to not eat as well as I used to. I’m not getting the exercise I used to either so that has also caused me to lose the muscle I once had. I have seen a veterinarian about it and he couldn’t tell my people that I was sick at all. So I really would like to find a home where I can spend more time inside with people and less time alone in a crate. To be honest, I’ve not been the best boy when I’ve been left alone inside but that’s because I was left alone too long for my liking!

What I’d really like is to live with someone who is home more often or maybe with someone who works from home? But I do need a person who is strong enough to take me on walks. I really enjoy daily walks-two a day if I had my way!I love running and I hope I can find a home with a fenced yard and someone who can take me to the park too. Older kids are great, I really liked being a family dog. I’ve not lived with another dog but I’m friendly with other dogs. No one has seen me with cats but I am not sure if I would trust myself with one. If I could just find the right home, I’d show my new people how smart (I know commands!), well-mannered and loving I am.”

Luke is currently in Tacoma, WA hoping to find a new home very soon.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.