Lulu is a Shih Tzu who is fearless, feisty and full of spunk. She happens to be blind, but that doesn’t stop her from living out loud! Lulu is the first to investigate new smells and surroundings and uses her nose and sense of feel to negotiate almost effortlessly in her home, yard, and on the wilderness outings she loves. She shows her zest for life with the wagging of her giant, plume-like tail – a sure sign that she’s discovered something good, whether it’s a treat or the nearness of one of her favorite friends. Tummy rubs, outdoor adventures, delicious snacks, and a nice long nap – these are some of Lulu’s biggest joys in life. She shows no signs of slowing down and we hope she’ll be out there waving her fluffy tail for a long time to come! Update: After more than 3-1/2 years in her ODH home Lulu fell victim to an infection in her nasal cavity that probably was cancer but didn’t respond to treatment. She was so much loved and made so many friends, she leaves a little hole in her home and her family’s heart. Lulu died September 2015