Macie was surrendered to a shelter at the age of 14 together with her housemate Molly when their previous owner could no longer care for them, and they came to their Final Refuge home together.

It was a lot of change for this old girl, and the first few days in her new home were difficult for her. She would get very upset if she didn’t see her foster mom nearby and would bark nonstop. After a few days, and with the help of a consistent routine and Molly by her side, she started to settle in, and it’s been incedibly rewarding to see her make the house her own.

Since coming into ODH care, Macie has had a badly needed dental, and at the moment there seem to be no other major health concerns. Macie enjoys slow walks (downhill walking is her forte) and enjoying the scenery from a front-pouch when she tires out, bird-watching, snacks and very, very long naps.

She is a very much loved member of the family.

Update:  After an amazing almost two years with her foster mom, it was finally time to say goodbye.  Macie will be very  much missed and her mom and Molly will both be coping with her absence.  She had a wonderful last chapter and clearly loved her new home – and her mom (and Molly) very much  – and the feeling was mutual.  She will certainly be missed.