From Mack’s Final Refuge Mom:  After losing my rescue Bouvier, Fawn I decided to just hang with two rescue “littles” Addie and Julie. I was NOT getting another dog for a while…until I saw Mack on an Old Dog Haven post – GAME OVER! Despite his Stage 3 kidney disease, I knew he was our guy!

At 15 years old sweet Mack was underweight and obviously traumatized from being separated from his family and from being in the shelter for 10 days. He was very sad and shut down on the drive home. When I put him in my back yard and brought Addie and Julie out to meet Mack he immediately perked up. Now six weeks later he is like a puppy, dancing and twirling when he wants to play!

Mack had not been to the vet in YEARS.  In addition to untreated kidney disease his teeth were horrible, his coat matted and his toenails curling. He had a complete checkup and a blood panel run which gave us a better picture of his kidney disease. With the vet’s support we were able to develop a kidney-friendly diet for Mack to not only help his kidney function but to put some weight back on the little guy. Right now we are hoping to stabilize his kidneys enough so he can have dental work. Kidney disease is a long-haul condition and Mack will need significant medical support in the future.

Mack is no longer the shut down, sad boy I brought home on October 3rd. He gained weight, is bouncy and happy and loves everyone! After each meal Mack wants to PLAY! He play bows, jumps, and twirls excitedly until I play with him! He is a new dog!

One of Mack’s favorite pastimes is the yard. He absolutely LOVES being out in the yard. Mack likes to let himself out through the dog door and explore. When it’s sunny he sits in the grass, observing the world.

I love just seeing the light in his eyes – the happiness that shows through as the weeks go by. He is safe. He is loved. He will ALWAYS be loved and safe. That’s what our senior pups need when they come to a new home. With each rescue I learn more about adapting, going with the flow and being more resilient.

Update:  Mack did amazingly well for much longer than expected given his serious health issues.  However, he suddenly became very ill and his loving Final Refuge mom had to say goodbye.  This little fellow was the happiest little guy and showed his enjoyment of his new, loving home every day.  He will be greatly missed.