Macy was relinquished to a shelter by her owners, who couldn’t afford vet care. She had to be wheeled in on a cart because she couldn’t walk due to a laceration on her leg.  Macy was also unspayed and, as is common for German shepherds, has elbow dysplasia.

While at the shelter, this poor girl developed kennel cough as well. The shelter vet clinic worked hard to nurse her back to health, and Old Dog Haven was able to find her a Final Refuge (forever foster) home.  In her new home, Macy settled in with her Old Dog Haven “brothers” and is learning that it is fun to be part of a pack.

She is now on arthritis meds and supplements for her joints.  She still has a bit of a limp from the injury, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She enjoys her nightly walks and is the first to line up when treats are handed out. Macy has some anxiety issues that cause her to chase her tail when she hears certain noises, but her foster family is working with her and are very optimistic.

Sweet Macy has already made huge progress and is clearly enjoying the love and attention she is receiving in her new life.

Update: Sadly, Macy’s mammary cancer spread (after over 2 years in her new home), and her very loving Final Refuge family had to let her go.  Her family did an amazing job with this girl and she was able to have a wonderful last chapter and really feel the love and care in her very own home.  She will be greatly missed.