From her foster mom:

At 14 years of age, Maggie came to Old Dog Haven directly from her life-long home. Her owner wanted to keep her forever, but circumstances would not allow. Because she never had to go through the trauma of being abandoned by her owner, and didn’t have to spend time in a Shelter, Maggie avoided the emotional issues that so many other ODH dogs have to overcome.  Her mom placed her in my car and kissed her goodbye, letting Maggie know that it was safe to go and all would be OK.

At 46 poumds, Maggie is much smaller than her two ODH housemates, and smaller than I thought she would be from her photo, with dainty feet.  She has a lovely personality, and is very well trained. When I walk her with one of the other dogs, she calmly waits when they slow down or stop to sniff. She asks to go outside with a single soft “woof,” and when it is time to come back in, she gives a louder single bark so I will be sure to hear.  Maggie also has a quirky moan that she does when she is “sleeping” on her dog bed and wants attention.

Maggie has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) that takes constant attention to keep under control – eating ANYTHING other than her prescribed food risks setting off an adverse reaction.  I stand guard during meal-time to be sure she doesn’t go looking for a tidbit left behind by one of the other dogs. Maggie has had an ultrasound done and continues to see her vet frequently to find the best way to treat her IBD while still giving her mobility some help from her increasing arthritis.   She’s a lovely dog who graces her new home.


Maggie was with us for 8 months.  As she got older, she began to slow down, and her Inflammatory Bowel Disease started to flair up every few months (gagging/retching/diarrhea.)  But each time adjustments to her medication brought everything back under control.  Eating and food were the highlight of every day, and searching for something forbidden to scarf down was part of every walk.  I discovered she loved to explore the trails in the wooded park nearby, and wade in the water of the local stream.  In the yard, she would find any sunny patch and go soundly asleep.  When she completely refused her prescription food, we tried a new one.  She rallied for 3 days, but then stopped eating again.  She would eat MY food, but to do so would ultimately make her sicker. I toasted her a bagel with peanut butter, and scrambled her some eggs.   She eagerly devoured it along with a bowl of almond milk, and we made one last trip to the vet hospital.

Thank you to Old Dog Haven and all the generous donors that made sure MAGGIE had everything she needed to control her IBD, and to live in a home until it was time to go over The Rainbow Bridge.  She is now free to eat ANYTHING she wants!!!