Maggie is a  wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier and one sweet little old lady.  We, her Final Refuge foster parents, love this bouncy little girl so much.  Why she ended up in the shelter system at 15 we do not know, but she did not do well there. She was adopted out and returned twice. It took a couple months before she would venture away from our side and started to relax a little, starting to believe that she really was staying with us. We are so grateful that Old Dog Haven took her in, making her available to us. We are still working on keeping her house trained and calming her food aggression towards our other dogs, and she definitely has some dementia coming on. She may be deaf and going blind but she has springs in her legs and a sparkly personality.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this great organization, saving these loving beautiful dogs who have been abandoned in old age is such a miraculous thing. Maggie contributes so much joy to our lives and she is living the life she should have. Maggie and her parents send love to you all.

Update:  Maggie’s very long life ended at the age of 17, leaving happy memories of a great terrier personality.