Maisey was a Cocker Spaniel who still had her tail, brought to the shelter with her son. Her son was adopted but Maisey was in bad shape, no chance for adoption at the shelter. Her teeth were rotting, she had dry eye and her skin and hair had been neglected for some time. She had not been spayed as she’d had been used for breeding multiple litters of puppies. An Old Dog Haven foster home was found for her and she enriched her family’s lives for almost 3 years. Maisey was a high maintenance dog! She needed medicated baths, prescription eye drops, her ears cleaned on a regular basis and expensive medication to help her liver. But Maisey was a really FUN dog. She made everyone laugh and earned the nickname “Crazy Maisey”. It was hard to imagine her as a mother to puppies; she was a busy dog who liked to play with toys and tennis balls and she LOVED her walks. Her family was happy to give her time to enjoy just being a dog and not a puppy-making machine. The vet that saw Maisey said this about her: “Maisey was such a joyful spirit and she brought happiness to all those who knew her. She had unconditional love even for her me, her vet!” So when Maisey suddenly lost her vision and her attitude changed, it was obvious something was really wrong. Maisey saw specialists who ordered various tests and medications were tried. Sadly nothing helped, the consensus was that she had a brain tumor. Her foster family watched her struggle with what were more than likely a series of strokes and knew that they could not let her suffer. Maisey was a very special girl who will always be remembered with a smile. Maisey passed away June 2015.