Little Malaki came into an ODH foster home from a shelter in 2007, and was adopted quickly due to his lovely temperament and cute personality. In March 2013 we were called by the adopter’s son; his mother was in the hospital and Malaki was being boarded, would we take him back. We immediately went to the kennel and found a pretty tottery old man who made a horrible snorting sound but wagged like mad and trotted off with a cheery smile. We went immediately to the vet who found the longest soft palate he’d ever seen, no doubt causing the snort and something he’d fight with for the next year and a half. Malaki moved into an ODH home and melted everyone’s hearts. He paid little attention to the physical struggles as he became a very old dog but enjoyed every minute of his time – especially his walks, rain or shine, sleet or snow. And his toys, and Christmas, and sharing with his siblings, and cuddling with his ODH mom. He filled their family with a gentle kindness; she will miss him in her life and hold him forever in her heart. He had a long life, probably 17 years, and was loved so much – what more could a little guy ask. Malaki passed away August, 2014.