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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Dear Mama-T, a 58-lb pittie mix, was found just off a busy I-5 interchange and brought to a shelter by a Good Samaritan. Mama-T (“T” for tripod) cannot walk very far or very fast as her left front leg was amputated years ago and her overworked right front leg tires very quickly. She just doesn’t have the ability to escape from a vehicle on her own so she was probably dumped in a parking lot near the highway. While she’d been micro-chipped about 12 years ago and the shelter was able to reach the owner, that person had given Mama-T away before moving to the southwest.

The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help and we’re happy to report that this loving old girl is now thoroughly enjoying her Final Refuge forever home.  She’s receiving treatment for a chronic ear infection, severe arthritis in both knees (and possible cruciate ligament rupture), miscellaneous skin growths, and generalized itching and flaky skin–all treatable and all now being managed to keep her healthy and happy!

Her ODH mom reports that Mama-T loves to go outside, and really loves to go for walks – she can hop along slowly – but after just a short way she tires and will face plant. So thanks to the generosity of Old Dog Haven donors, Mama-T now has a 4-wheeled cart that she can get out and about in while staying balanced and safe. When not out hot-rodding in her fancy rig, Mama-T just loves to lay in the sun, chase water from the hose while her mom waters the flowers, and eat. If her mom picks up a fly swatter, Mama-T will bolt up and follow – her mom thinks she must have learned to chase flies in a past life because she’s instantly on the hunt for anything mom might take a swing at!

Friends, this old, tripod dog once dumped by the side of the highway is now living the golden life because of your loyal support of ODH.  Mama-T gets to hop off into her bright future with snappy pink “hot-wheels” because of YOU. Go, Mama, go!

After a long day of zoomies

Life is good

Go, Mama, go!

Mama-T is sponsored by:

  • R.C. Painting & Sons, Inc. - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Victor Nosce in memory of Klondike - Lifetime Sponsor