“My name is Mandy. I am a 9 year old, 11 pound Chiweenie. A Chiweenie is what you get when you cross a chihuhauha and a dachshund. I lost my human when he passed away. Family took me in but they cannot keep me forever. I need to find my forever home and I’m hoping for one that I will never lose.

“Since my person passed away I have seen a vet for a check up. My family took me in to be sure I was OK because I was very stressed. Turns out I am OK physically but my heart is broken. I miss my human and my old way of life.  I don’t like being alone. You know us dogs who live with elderly folk often become used to never being left alone. While some may say that’s nice, it’s actually not healthy for us. I am proof of that: I have had a hard time adjusting to being left alone. The doctor suggested medicine called “Prozac” to help me with my anxiety. Maybe my new person could help me get to the point where I didn’t have to take any medicine to feel OK.?

“I have lived with another dog before. I was really good with him. When I’m out on a walk I will try to “protect” my people from the dog but at doggy daycare where I’ve been boarded, I’m just fine with other dogs. Perhaps a home with another friendly, calm and welcoming dog would help me feel less anxious when the humans have to leave the house? No one can say how’d I react to a cat, I’m sure I’d be curious! I have been good with kids who are gentle with me.

“Again because of my former lifestyle and the stress I have had since my life changed, I need to be reminded to get out to potty. I have a touch of arthritis in one of my knees but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying walks and even doing stairs. I even know some verbal commands in regards to getting out and about. Speaking of getting out, I”m a great ride along buddy in the car dog. I really just want to be with my person.  I was used to sleeping with my person, boy I miss those days!

“My extended family cannot keep me too much longer so I’m hoping that a really loving adopter who can afford my care and keep me forever will appear. Because of my grief, it may take me a little time to settle in but I hope someone will recognize that a new best friend like me is worth it.”

Mandy is posted for her owners in Issaquah, WA.For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge potential adopters to do their own evaluation.