Beautiful Marni must have been a breeding dog, making lots of puppies and money for someone. When she arrived at the shelter “stray”, she wasn’t spayed and had several mammary tumors, one very large. She moved into an ODH foster home but came into season before she could be spayed; during that surgery she had trouble with the anesthesia so the tumor removal was postponed. She fought hot spots on her neglected skin as well; we were able to fix up her long-infected ears and get her to a healthy weight. Before she could have the mammary tumors removed Marni started limping on one hind leg. Referred to a specialist, we learned that she had a bone tumor at the top of her tibia – perhaps metastasis from the mammary tumors, we’ll never know. Despite ALL this, Marni remained so very happy in her home, with a good dog buddy and people who cared about her. She stayed active (albeit on 3 legs) and perky for quite some time, but finally the strain became too much for even a stoic and happy labrador to ignore. She had only 5 months with her ODH family but surely made the most of it. She will be greatly missed. Marni passed away June 2015.