Nine year old Max arrived at his vet with a broken leg. His owners couldn’t afford his needed surgery and had asked the vet to put him down. The vet wanted to give this middle age dog a chance and suggested they sign the dog over and he’d see what he could do. The vet contacted Old Dog Haven and, sight unseen, ODH agreed to cover the surgery and take the dog under their care, thus saving his life.

An ODH temporary foster home cared for Max after surgery, through rehab and some challenging complications. Then Old Dog Haven found a wonderful ‘Final Refuge’ home for Max, where he will stay for the rest of his life. It took him six months for him to finally realize that he was home for good!

Now Max is enjoying the good life and has turned into a wonderful, loving lap dog.

Update:  Dear Max had a wonderful time with his Final Refuge mom, but finally we weren’t able to keep him comfortable so his mom had to say goodbye.  He was a wonderful boy and will be very much missed.