Maxiine Claire is 14 years old and came to ODH when her person died. The family took her and another dog to the vet to be euthanized. The vet reached out to ODH and since there was no evidence that they were bonded, they each went to a different Final Refuge home. Maxiine aka Maxii went to an ODH home where there are two other FR girls. Until Maxiine arrived, the household was all one-eyed dogs. Since she is the only two eyed dog, she chose to spell her name with two i’s.

She has a few little issues. A little bit of separation anxiety, a little of resource guarding and she cringes and flattens to the ground at even a single sharp “No.” We are working through these issues. She also has a
penchant for hanging out on top of the dining room table. We think she is a schnoodle (schnauzer / poodle) mix, so she is a very smart girl.

She’s in relatively good health but had never been spayed, so we will schedule a spay and dental work in the near future and hope she has many more years with her ODH home.

Update:  Dear Maxiine suddenly began having serious medical/neurological issues and it was clearly time to let her go.  She had an absolutely lovely time with her new family though sadly not long enough – it never is.  She will always be held in a special place in her mom’s heart.  You were much loved, Maxiine!