It is truly wonderful to watch the bond of friendship between two dogs. Maya and Elmer are best friends who are hoping to find a home together. It is said that Elmer helps Maya because she is blind in one eye and mostly deaf. Maya is a 10-year-old Aussie mix who weighs 50 pounds. Elmer is a 10-year-old Lab mix who weighs 60 pounds. The pair are well-behaved and very loving. Elmer and Maya are good with other dogs, cats and kids. Currently they stay together just fine for a work day but they do have a dog door they are trained to use for potty breaks. The pair enjoy their daily short walks and both can manage stairs. Elmer loves to play, go for car rides and receive belly rubs. Maya will follow you around and lay at your feet; she enjoys being brushed.

Elmer and Maya are lovely dogs who will surely return the love and attention their new family gives them twofold. They are currently in Edmonds, WA.