Meisha and Margo are a delightful pair of ladies!  This Mother daughter duo is very shy and timid, they can take awhile to warm up-but once they do they will be your best friend! These girls are very loyal to their person.Meisha is 9 years of age and her daughter Margo is 5 years old. They are very sweet and well mannered ladies. As they are a bonded pair, they must stay together.

Meisha is the Mama dog. She is more outgoing and friendly, Margo is much more timid and reserved, and defers to Meisha to determine if things are OK- definitely a little more skittish initially but in time wants to give you kisses and love.

Margo and Meisha are fine with other dogs, however they are very timid. Slow introductions would be necessary to not overwhelm them. A quieter home would be ideal and suit them best. Meisha and Margo have not lived in a home with children, but could probably adapt to a home with a respectful child 10 years old or older.

Meisha and Margo are just getting back into a routine of walks 2-3 x per day. They live for their walks! Currently they are on a little diet to help lose some of the weight they gained this last year as their owner had some life changes and was not able to give them all the attention and care they needed. Meisha weighs 29.5 pounds and Margo 28.5 pounds. Ideal weights for the girls would be 25-26 pounds.To keep Meisha and Margo safe, a home with a fenced yard is required.They are microchipped, spayed and current on vaccinations. They have just been to the veterinarian and are in good overall health. These girls are beyond lovely with their sweet demeanor.

Meisha and Margo are posted for CL Boston Terrier Rescue Foundation of Seattle, WA. For further information about Margo and Meisha, please email:

The rescue will send an application, complete a home visit interview, and they require a veterinarian reference.

​T​hese are not  Old Dog Haven dog​s. ​ We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.