Mia spent nearly 4 years with her ODH family.  From her mom: “You came to me like a tiny balloon, severely neglected, almost deflated and very tired. With the help of our wonderful vet we gently filled you back up with air and mended the holes that weakened you. A band-aid here and there to heal your wounds and in no time you were able to float up high again, enjoying life.

You proved to us that your tiny heart was bigger and stronger than anyone had thought… especially me.  You were given a few months at best, and that was 3 years and 8 months ago! You persevered through Cushings disease, high blood pressure, collapsed trachea, scarred lung tissue, a heart murmur and an incredibly compromised spine, but you wanted to live! You wanted to go for walks with our pack and snuggle with the kitties, and you were the happiest little dog doing what you were always meant to do! As time went by, more band-aids were needed for the new holes in you, my lovely heart-shaped little balloon.

We saw specialists, we did acupuncture, we tried many foods and medications and always found a way to enhance your life, keep you happy and healthy as best we could. Lately we needed even more band-aids for you and at times floating became harder and you were getting more and more tired. But your heart clung onto mine with every breath of your tiny battered body, letting me know you weren’t ready yet. Today it became clear that all those many band-aids were getting much too heavy now, even for a little fighter like you. You just couldn’t float anymore and my heart knew it was time to take away those band-aids and set you free… sweet Mia, you were the bestest little dog!