Mieko, a charismatic siberian husky, wound up as a stray at the shelter in 2019, for at least the second time since 2015. He was woefully thin, with bad skin covered with masses on his rear quarter prone to bleeding. After his stray hold expired he was neutered and found to have testicular tumors which we hope were “cured” by the castration.     (Another reminder of the health consequences for unaltered animals!)

The senior dog volunteers at this shelter helped place him in an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home with other senior dogs. Blood and urine tests showed mild anemia and chronic kidney disease. Although his appetite was poor at first, he eventually started to gain weight, although after 8 weeks he still had a way to go.

He got along well with his new pack mates (especially once his hormones subsided and he stopped trying to mount his new friends). He also got on well with guest dogs that came and went in his new home (although playing with a two year old guest dog might have been too much on his aging body and he took a few days to recover after all that exertion.) With dry baths using a medicated mousse his skin is healing, and with daily does of an antibiotic ointment his infected eyelids show signs of improving.

Mieko exhibits the husky trait of howling when his foster dad leaves the house, and has gained confidence on his daily walks in the woods behind his new home. He spends his days curled up on a couch with a new friend, or in the fenced dog run hoping a squirrel will jump into his mouth.     We’re looking forward to a fat-and-happy new version of this nice guy.


Hello, Mieko sponsors,

He has been with me for five months now, and has become a wonderful addition. He’s filled in (putting on 10+ pounds) to the point I sometimes think I am over-feeding him. He seems to be pretty healthy, especially his vocal chords since his howling can be very loud.

The first few months he seemed to shy away from being touched and would get down off the couch if I sat on it to watch TV. Now he seems okay with accepting affection, and will come up onto the couch if I’m already sitting there — if there’s room. He’s even started sleeping on my bed, although that room is limited.

I have taken a chance and gone for walks back in my woods with him off-leash, and he usually stays near by now. I think he feels safely part of the pack. We also go for walks on the road on leash and people we meet remark on his beauty, now that he doesn’t look like a walking skeleton. I’ve had him to the off-leash park and he did fine with the other dogs, but seemed more interested in the owners. He loves people.

He might look a little sad in the photo because he’s trying to decide between his ball and the log he pulled off the wood pile to chew on. (That’s guest dog Molly in the bed with him.)

Thanks again for sponsoring him. I think he’s enjoying his new life.


Mieko and Molly

Mieko and twin – Mieko is on the right!