From his ODH mom:
I saw Miles on an Old Dog Haven Facebook post.  A 14 year old, mostly blind, deaf dog with a heart murmur needed a final refuge foster. His photo was pathetic – he was matted, dirty and possibly had kennel cough…..clearly he needed us.  He was found as a stray and ended up at the Tacoma Humane Society.  Lucky for him that Old Dog Haven decided to find him a foster and take him into their program.

The ODH volunteer transport relay team brought him to us in Oregon. He was exhausted when he arrived and needed a soft place to land. He developed kennel cough and it was good that he was already at our quiet home to recover on his comfy dog bed.  He had a vet appointment for an exam and received many tests to determine what was going on with him and how we could best support him.  He spent about 2 weeks on his bed sleeping, all day and night.  He only got up to eat and was carried outside to relieve himself.  He went to the specialist ophthalmologist and received ointment for his eyes. Once he was over his kennel cough he went to the groomer and also got a dental.  He started to feel better and move around a little.

He’s on good food, medicine for his eyes and his feisty personality is emerging.  When he arrived he would flinch when we would try to touch or pet him.  Slowly he started to trust us and now doesn’t flinch at all.  He is starting to play a little and his coat is developing a little shine.  His favorite thing in the world is meal time!  He is a delightful addition to our lives and we love him! Thanks to Old Dog Haven he will have a wonderful, comfortable old age.

Update:  After a wonderful last chapter with his final refuge family dear Miles’ physical challenges finally took over and he was very lovingly sent on his way.  A very special pup who will always be remembered.

Miles shortly after leaving the shelter